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The Big Mellow is a mining-oriented vastership with a population of around 1200/1600, primarily made up of itinerant merchants, appraisers, and experienced mining workers, both interstellar and subterranean (with accommodations for the families thereof). It is outfitted with approximately five mining stations' worth of supplies and materials.

The Big Mellow operates on a rigid cycle of self-sustainment; flying in round trips from the nearby civilized nations, the ship will fly into nearby asteroid fields, and coast through with shields operational. While the ship continues alongside the various asteroids, the miners onboard will mount expeditions to the smaller rocks and space debris nearby, mining rock and ore from their surface and returning it to the ship, where it is appraised and categorized by jewelers and academics. Once the frenzy of mining has concluded, or the nearby cluster of rocks depleted, the ship will depart the field and return to civilization. There, the material is identified and sold to industrial companies and private consumers, with the vastership's haul usually carrying anything from common utility metals to luxurious and breathtaking gems and jewels from beyond the stars.

In keeping with its name, the city (colloquially called Big Mell) is known for having a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere on board, with most of the occupants content to let each other pursue their own areas of expertise as long as they're treated with the same professional ambivalence. However, when in proximity to the fields, activity does tend to pick up, and a sense of excitement fills the Big Mell, even among those not involved in the ship's industrial matters. It is not unheard of for the ship's miners to return with an ore hitherto unknown to geologists, and they have played a strong role in advancing elemental studies with their sales of apparently new stones to the scientists of the immobile nations--granted perpetual access in return to the institutions' exhaustive databases of geological information.

It is captained by Duster Avanzad.