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Boss Madrante
Player NPC
Campaign The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy
Full Name Cadenzo Madrante
Title Leader of the Madrante Gang
Race Noctra
Class Gunslinger
Born 6-7-4290 CGC
Died 2-17-4339 CGC (age 49, 2nd dream)
Gender Male
Height 4'05"
Weight 101 lbs.
Body Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color N/A
Family Strisci Madrante (daughter),
Gepetti Madrante (nephew)
Affiliation The Madrantes
Alignment Neutral Evil
"Better to die than be killed."

A man rightly feared throughout Fol Atzo, Boss Madrante is the undisputed leader of the Madrantes. He is something of a vigilante lawbringer that the police are on good terms with; he and his gang will take criminals off the streets and bring them to the Madrante Prison to "rehabilitate" them. In exchange for lessening the workload of the already-overworked police force, Boss Madrante and his gang live quite comfortably in the grey area between "legal" and "only illegal if you get caught".


Boss Madrante is the son of the Madrantes' founder and only previous leader, Striscante Madrante. He assumed leadership of the gang in 4321 after several "accidents" removed his siblings from possibly inheriting the position instead. Unlike Striscante, he was more ruthless and less diplomatic especially early on in order to establish unquestioned control over the gang, and this behavior earned the gang quite a few long-term enemies -- ones that would cost the Madrantes many of their potential heirs.

Boss Madrante had several children that he intended to groom to take over when he no longer could lead the Madrantes. One by one, though, they died until only Boss Madrante's deaf daughter, Strisci Madrante, remained. Despite his cutthroat behavior, Boss Madrante was beloved by his surviving daughter, and he seemed to take great pains to make sure she could contribute to the gang's success. He was fluent in Nicta-slio Sign Language for the sake of communicating with her, insisted that others also learn at least the basics, and he also bought her a hearing aid so that she could hear noises on stealth missions. For a time, it seemed certain Strisci would become the next leader of the Madrantes... especially as more and more people came after Boss Madrante.