Chrono Stars Wiki

This wiki is no longer being updated!

Hello! We've moved to a new wiki. If you're here just to check something that wasn't ported over to the new wiki, such as an infobox or a page's history, don't worry -- everything should still be where you left it. That said, we are no longer altering anything here. Edits made here (since December 23rd, 2018) will not be transferred over to the new wiki and must be redone manually on the new wiki host, and we are no longer attempting to update this wiki according to whatever Wikia decides to do.

You can find the new wiki here, at If you do not already have an account, request a Chrono Stars Wiki account from Caroline/Ealdremen. You will need this account to edit the wiki going forward; users who are not logged in cannot edit the wiki. Those who do not have access to the Chrono Stars Discord but would like an account on the wiki can email admin AT chronostars DOT com to get an account.

See you on the other side!