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Corbenik, Guide of the Dead
Pronunciation: Core-ben-ick
Domain: Death/Deathbound/Destiny/Law/Magic/Planning/Protection/Spell/War/Undeath
Gender: Female
Status: Alive

Corbenik, Guide of the Dead is the patron goddess of necromancers and the undead, and the only known deity to have previously been a mortal. In life, or rather, unlife, she was an incredibly powerful vampire who sought only ways to coexist peacefully with the living... and to be left alone. Through some means unknown, she ascended to proper godhood. She is a fair and merciful goddess, despite her portfolio -- Corbenik tasked herself with ensuring that every soul, no matter its source, is treated with respect.

Worship of Corbenik is contained exclusively to Mortand, and can be seen as heresy outside of its borders -- an execution worthy offense in the country of Eptina.