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Dalibor Starcrest
Player NPC
Campaign Arplakoon's Fifth Dream
Full Name Dalibor Starcrest
Title Pilot
Race Tiaquin
Class Artificer
Born Age 62
Died ???
Gender Male
Height 4'11"
Weight 222 lbs.
Body Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color N/A
Family Brinegill (Daughter)
Affiliation ???
Alignment Neutral Good

Dalibor Starcrest is the pilot of a small freelance cargo carrier ship. A grizzled and older tiaquin, Dalibor always found something to smile and laugh about, no matter the situation. His ship, the D. S. S. Marble, was recently found off the coast of Nicta by his daughter, Brinegill. However, Dalibor's body was nowhere to be found, and he is presumed alive, but missing...