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Pronunciation: Ell-ee-on
Adjectival: Elionin
Semi-Major Axis: 407,800 km
Orbital Period 1.71 days

1.87 Elion days

Synodic Period: 22 hours
Equatorial Radius: 1705.4 km
Planet Type: Habitable Moon

Elion is a habitable moon that orbits Osparia.

Atmosphere and Climate[]

Elion's atmosphere, while breathable, is slightly toxic. Prolonged exposure over the course of a few days will kill animals and other creatures that are not native to Elion. This is in small part due to the great deal of volcanic activity on Elion. The gases in Elion's atmosphere give the sky a vibrant orange color. Elion's climate is typically very hot and humid.

Indigenous Species[]

The volcanic activity on Elion allows for very fertile soil. As a result, Elion has an overwhelming about of indigenous fruits, vegetables, and other plants; Many of the plants have difficulty growing elsewhere in the galaxy, and grow with great ease and abundance. This has given Elion the responsibility of a majority of the Primarian system's food production.

Elion's indigenous animals are few and far between. The vast majority of species are insects and small birds. No predatory species have been documented thus far on Elion, aside from a few species of flytraps. Elion's oceans are not particularly lively, due in part to the fact that they are particularly small compared to the rest of the galaxy's habitable planetary bodies.