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Enn Elenen is a galaxy of numerous systems, as most galaxies are. The primary area of interest is the Menelir Nebula, which contains the entirety of the galaxy's habitable locations.

Menelir Nebula[]

The Menelir Nebula is a particularly small nebula contains two habitable systems, the Primarian system and the Linarian system.

Primarian System[]

  • The Primarian System (or The Primarius) contains two habitable planets, Minenel, and Sarno as well as a handful of uninhabitable planets including Osparia, a gas giant, around which orbits three habitable moons, Taura, Novara, and Elion

Lineran System[]

  • The Lineran system contains at least one habitable planet. Currently, the citizens of the Primarian System have only studied the Lineran system from afar, but have determined that one of its planets is habitable.