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Pronunciation: FUR-vid-us
Adjectival: Fervidian
Semi-Major Axis: 116700000 km
Orbital Period ~217.3 days (~260.8 Fervidian days)
Synodic Period: 20 hours
Equatorial Radius: 6109 km
Planet Type: Habitable Terrestrial

 Fervidus is the innermost habitable planet of the Vistelo system. As such, its atmosphere is warm, almost unlivably searing close to the equator. With harsh inland deserts and large swathes of tropical jungle, this hothouse world is home to a variety of races that thrive in warm, oxygen-rich environments.

Native Races[]



The native home of the tyranis and hadrus people, Baag-Aggi is actually a conglomerate of city-states, each with its own government and system of rules, bound under a single overarching system of laws. There is no single government leader of Baag-Aggi; rather, the leaders of each city-state are part of a senate, voting on necessary amendments to the law.

Baag-Aggi is primarily agricultural by trade, with exports of exotic vegetables and meats making for most of the nation's trade. However, tourism has recently become a booming industry as well, as visitors from other planets come to see the nation's strange megafauna.


Home of the Dancing-People, Bako-chun is a small island off the coast of Nikkoyo-chun, only recently released from the Chairui Empire's grip by the pressure of the AVS. Now, the island nation is struggling to find its footing as an independent nation.