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The Fexalere Galaxy is a newly-forming galaxy, caused by the collision between two other galaxies, "Feresal" and "Annsal," and home to at least one known habitable system in the former "Annsal," called Cordens. Rumors exist of another habitable system in the former "Feresal" galaxy, called "Mitstot."

(Note: Quoted names are based on imperfect transcriptions of conversations that occurred during the first confirmed living Human contact. The parties present at the time have since been unavailable for corrections.)

Cordens System[]

The Cordens system is home to 12 planets, five of which support life of various kinds, and four of which are gas giants. Cordens itself is actually a binary star, though the pair are always collectively referred to as one.

The Cordens system is originally from Annsal, prior to the collision between it and Feresal. Habitable planets of Cordens are as follows:

Yrian System[]

The Yrian system is home to six planets, though only one is able to support life. Three more are gaseous, and the innermost and outermost planets are barren rocky worlds. Yrian itself is a massive, blue star, surrounded by dusty rings that envelop the system's innermost world.

The Yrian system is originally from Feresal, supposedly rather close to Mitstot, astronomically speaking. The lone habitable planet of the system is known as Yeuris.