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Pronunciation: as name
Founded: ???
Current Leader(s): Gold Council of the Accord
Colors: White, black, gold
Lingua Franca: Galactic Common

The Final Accord of Humanity is the single largest nation in the Greatcloud Galaxy, consisting of dozens of human systems banding together under the banner of the Accord, though the Greatcloud's separation from Ealdremen has resulted in the evolution of multiple abhuman subraces (including Shardbonded, Voidborn, the enigmatic Lightbringers, and others) that declare allegiance to it. Its stated mission is to halt the rapidly-approaching mass extinction event warned of in millennia past by Maius the Soulkeeper, and Accord Black Ships eternally scour the Greatcloud in search of any clues that might lead it to this endgame. Scientific advancement and the gathering of empirical data in the name of humanity's survival comes before all else to the nations of the Accord, often to the point of radicalism, the handpicked crews of Black Ships in particular known to eschew ethics if it means acquiring useful knowledge.

It is ruled by the Gold Council, a plutocratic/technocratic assembly of the scientific elite from various member nations.

Member nations[]