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The gods of Fexalere may be many things, but subtle is rarely one of them. Those who have devoted themselves to one god, or are touched by a being of divine power, will find themselves Godmarked; in possession of an inexplicable change to themselves that shows their patron deity, be that by choice of fate. Godmarks take many forms, from a "tattoo" of an eye that only opens when all other eyes are closed, to a distinct aroma of honey and metal, to The Baleful Cry's second voice. But what all Godmarks have in common is their unmistakable origin from divine power.

Godmarks are a topic of debate to this day, the most common (and most disputed) topic tending to be why they exist. Some assert Godmarks are meant to designate who should rule, by divine right, while others claim that Godmarks are for the Gods' benefit, not mortals'.


Individuals with no Godmark are referred to as Unmarked, for the sake of term consistency. Though being Godmarked is far from uncommon, being Unmarked is far more likely. Those who are Unmarked get a +1 bonus to Search, Spot, and Listen checks pertaining to Godmarks. In addition, Unmarked gain +1 attack against Godmarked individuals.

Class Notes[]

Oracles always bear a Godmark, most often from the god who granted them their power. Those who bear godmarks of a different god are exceedingly rare, but not impossible.