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Pronunciation: Hive. Like the word.
Adjectival: Hival
Semi-Major Axis: i'm not gonna do MATH right now
Orbital Period Unknown
Synodic Period: Unknown
Equatorial Radius: Unknown
Planet Type: Habitable


Hive is the smallest habitable planet in the Cordens system, as well as the closest planet to the suns capable of sustaining life. The planet has been poorly explored, due to the extensive cloud cover making informed landings nearly impossible, and the unusually powerful weather systems for an inhabitable planet, including the Hival Supercell. The most common theories hold that there is something on Hive besides its one apparent sentient race that is affecting the weather, although the Many Minds have been, oddly, universally unwilling to talk about it.

Native Races[]

  • Many Minds
  • Humans (Technically incorrect, but Hive is considered the human homeland for purposes of extradition and burial)