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The Independent Data Courier Mendicant is the personal interplanetary transport of Absinthe, a starship she affectionately refers to as her "boat." While incapable of faster than light (FTL) travel, it can effectively hop between the planets of Ealdremen at just-sublight speeds, sacrificing the bulk of a powerful engine in favor of its most distinctive feature: its treasure trove of sensitive data.

All along the craft's underbelly lies a bank of armored and shockproofed hard drives, containing the information Absinthe sells between the three factions of Ealdremen in her trade as a data broker. It was with these drives that she committed her initial treason against the Gerualdi Union, and adding new data for sale to their contents is how she makes her livelihood, charging exorbitant fees for access to cover the costs of maintaining the Mendicant itself. The vessel is also effectively her house, containing extremely cramped living quarters just behind the cockpit.

While conceivably large enough to house a small crew, all available room in the once-spacious craft has been sacrificed for cargo hauling, data sytems, and autonomous functionality, allowing Absinthe to operate as a crew-of-one solo pilot.

It is currently dry-docked on Ruenfora -- un-spaceworthy following a collision with one of Mioura's abundant natural satellites -- while Absinthe raises the necessary funds for repairs.

While repaired, the ship is currently bound for Nicta, stolen by another shape-shifter impersonating Absinthe herself.

The Mendicant has been found and recaptured en route to Fallen Arm Station by Osvald Coalgrave, who is executing construction on the small vessel under orders from Hretlakk Flametail, who indicated it would be expanded beyond its original size and restored to its "proper" crewing capability.