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Irene Haase
"Hello, and welcome to the School of Enchantment! Every year, our newest students always manage to be more cute than last year's."
Player NPC
Campaign Liafal
Full Name Irene Haase
Title Pillar of Enchantment
Race Orc
Class Enchanter
Born ??
Died N/A
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 130 lbs.
Body Color Light green
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Reddish-brown
Family ??
Affiliation Caelum
Alignment ??

The youngest and most newly-appointed member of the Council of Nine Pillars, the flirtatious and charming Pillar of Enchantment Irene Haase certainly does her best to live up to the expectations of her chosen school of magic. Despite her status as the newest member of the Council, Pillar Haase has attracted an incredible following among the younger mages of Caelum, to the point of fueling a small amount of derision in the populace towards budding mages who seek to specialize in enchantment as only doing it for the chance to get closer to her, rather than for the merits of the school itself.