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Kiara, Patron of Thieves
Pronunciation: Kee-are-uh
Domain: Darkness/Fate/Greed/Illusion/Luck/Planning/Travel/Trickery
Gender: Female
Status: Alive

Kiara, Patron of Thieves has no dedicated temples, but worship of her can be found wherever there are morally flexible individuals. Though her title may imply that she is only worshiped by thieves, this is not really the case - spies and assassins revere her as well, and she is often seen as a protector of the homeless. Worshipers of Kiara often live double lives, working in homeless shelters during the day and performing more unscrupulous tasks at night.

Entrepreneurs and shopkeepers across Liafal occasionally pay tribute to Kiara in an attempt to ward away burglars, to mixed results.