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Killian Leblanc
"I'll get on that as soon as I'm done reading these thirty reports on road maintenance."
Player NPC
Campaign Liafal
Full Name Killian Leblanc
Title Pillar of Transmutation
Race Half-Elf
Class Transmuter
Born ??
Died N/A
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs.
Body Color Pale
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Green
Family Renard Leblanc (twin brother)
Affiliation Caelum
Alignment ??

Member of the Council of Nine Pillars and the Pillar of Transmutation, Killian Leblanc is perpetually busy. While far more available and altogether more personable than her twin brother Renard, as the Pillar of Transmutation, her duties extend far beyond matters of the Council and the education system - Killian is tasked with singlehandedly seeing to the upkeep of the magocracy's more mundane infrastructure, and her skill at creating magical items keeps her busy even outside of her working hours.