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Pronunciation: as name
Native To: The Celestial Seat
Primary Languages: Galactic Common
Average Height: 4'6"-6'0"
Average Weight: 90 lbs.-180 lbs.
Affiliation: N/A
Status: Endangered

The Lightbringers are an elevated caste of the Final Accord of Humanity, descended from the precursor priests of Maius the Soulkeeper who accompanied their god in his flight to the barren galaxy. Like Dramsibb or Mioura precursors, they exhibit glowing skin in a myriad of colors, exaggeratedly large ears, and patterns of angular skin markings -- though the predominance of abhuman races has led most in the Greatcloud Galaxy to incorrectly believe the Lightbringers are an exceptionally divergent human offshoot, an assumption perpetuated by their ability to interbreed with Kylian races.

Being transplants from Ealdremen (and holding a cultural belief of being "sent from beyond" to watch over the galaxy's inhabitants), Lightbringers identify with no Greatcloud homeworld, with most populations existing within the enigmatic Black Ships of their empire. In the intervening millennia since Maius' exodus, however, these populations have dwindled to individual communities -- and now to only a handful of families, with Lightbringer-human unions invariably resulting in human children. Without additional precursors to augment their numbers, the sunset of the Lightbringers is on the horizon, and with their looming demise the existing Lightbringers have begun to grow more desperate in their race-wide obsession with their ancient mandate to prevent the Greatcloud's mass extinction.

They currently number less than two hundred, with over 90% of the population living full-time aboard Black Ships or Accord space stations. The Gold Council disproportionately represents these figures, with over half its delegates coming from Lightbringer ranks.