Chrono Stars Wiki
Lord de Seis
Player NPC
Campaign Liafal
Full Name Akin de Seis
Title Lord
Race ??
Class Cleric
Born ??
Died N/A?
Gender Male
Height 8'11"
Weight 374 lbs.
Body Color ??
Eye Color ??
Hair Color ??
Family ??
Affiliation Mortand
Alignment ??

The enormous, implacable lord of the frozen country of Mortand, Lord Akin de Seis rules over his country with a firm but gentle hand. The man is nearly a complete unknown, even to his closest of subjects - what is known of him is that he is a cleric who reveres Corbenik, Guide of the Dead, and that he simply appeared out of nowhere one day. None alive have seen what is underneath the black full plat armor that he wears, and some of the more paranoid citizens of Mortand speculate that there may be nothing under it at all.

He wields an enormous hooked blade made out of black metal known as Zulwarn.