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Maius the Soulkeeper
Pronunciation: MAY-us
Domain: Knowledge, life, medicine
Gender: Male
O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready to know what lies ahead.

Maius the Soulkeeper is the current and lone sovereign deity of the Greatcloud Galaxy.

Because of his isolated nature, his alliance with, alignment against, or ambivalence toward ZGN and Kraderag is largely unknown, as is the reason he departed from the Ealdremen gods' company to begin with -- but as a direct result of this departure to another corner of space, his creations were spared the Godbomb, flourishing in greater numbers than the concentrated inhabitants of Ealdremen.

He derives his title from his original duty as assigned by ZGN -- to collect and catalogue specimens of all the gods' creations, a task he carried out dutifully in the early days of his godhood. Whether the Collection was destroyed, sealed away, or otherwise made inaccessible is unknown, but the only specimens that joined him on his journey to the Greatcloud were a small population of faithful humans, from which the vast majority of sapient life in the galaxy are descended.

Paradise Absolute

why the actual fuck am I making a character potentially years ahead of time

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