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Oskä Makharif
Player Bryan
Campaign Daydreams of Arplakoon
Full Name Oskä Makharif
Race Human
Class Magus
Born 17-2-4315 (Age 24)
Died N/A
Gender Female
Height 6'0"
Weight 165 lbs.
Body Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Orange
Hair Color Black
Affiliation Formerly Alamo Empire, now independent
Alignment Chaotic Good

"Saaliah, guide my blade..."

Oskä Makharif is a bounty hunter in the Ealdremen galaxy, and is good friends with Captain Suljakko.


Oskä was adopted as a child, grew up in Malchut but was clearly from somewhere else on Raljikka as her given name marked her as a foreigner. As she grew up, she learned of and began to worship Saaliah, as nearly everyone does in Malchut. She identified greatly with Saaliah's message of freedom. Oskä left home at a very young age to begin working for the local government where she learned a variety of languages, but quickly grew discouraged by the red tape.

She gave it up very quickly and joined a local militia, where she learned how to fight with a sword, and would pray to Saaliah to bless her blade with his fire. After two years of service, she left, discouraged by the Militia's inaction, and began looking for more ways to put her training to use.

Eventually, she began to simply start stealing from some of the wealthier citizens of Malchut, which began to attract attention from some of the more seedy elements of the country. They quickly discovered who she was, and who her family were, and kidnapped her parents to blackmail her into helping them. She begrudgingly obliged, exceeding their expectations and her parents were returned along with a generous pay.

Oskä continued on to fight as a bounty hunter, but she has learned to carefully vets her potential targets and her buyers, often refusing large sums on the principle that it's simply the wrong thing to do.

Daydreams of Arplakoon[]


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