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Pronunciation: pen-TRAH-liss
Adjectival: Pentralan
Semi-Major Axis: Unknown
Orbital Period Unknown
Synodic Period: Unknown
Equatorial Radius: Unknown
Planet Type: Habitable


 Home to the Caelex EmpirePentralis is the sixth planet from the suns in the Cordens system. Thought it may seem similar to Hive at a glance, dominated by one large continent and a massive ocean, Pentralis is actually an exceptionally diverse planet, home to four separate sentient pecies and an astonishing array of flora and fauna. Despite this, Pentralis is often considered an unadvisable vacation, due in part to the high heat and exceptionately oxygen-rich atmosphere, and in part to the endless conflict between the Caelex Empire and the Kanirineta.

Native Races[]