Chrono Stars Wiki
Player Caroline
Campaign Enn Elenen
Full Name ???
Title Exiled Paladin
Race Attinos
Class Paladin
Born dude bryan what's even the calendar for this
Died N/A
Gender Female
Height 7'7"
Weight 365 lbs.
Body Color Tan with blue, black-veined scales
Eye Color Yellow-orange
Hair Color Black
Family ???
Affiliation N/A
Alignment Lawful Good

A paladin who serves Evruna, Seven has taken an oath of silence in honor of her goddess never having spoken to mortals. She refuses to break the spirit of her oath of silence, resorting only to writing her words when the matter is urgent or life-threatening, never for small talk or pleasant conversation. Though her broken horn, imposing height compared to quite a lot of others, and intimidating lower jaw protector may make her seem like a battle-hardened warrior, Seven actually prefers pacifism and will only draw steel when there is no other option. Even then, she would rather subdue opponents non-lethally and would never take the life of an innocent.

She bears a diamond-shaped mark on her right arm that has near-identical scarring underneath. Her left hand has a long scar across the palm.