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Pronunciation: Seeg-zler
Adjectival: Sigzlorian
Semi-Major Axis: 156500000 km
Orbital Period 390.5 days (520.67 Sigzlorian days)
Synodic Period: 18 hours
Equatorial Radius: 6587.2 km
Planet Type: Habitable terrestrial

Sigzlor is a habitable planet in the Ealdremen Galaxy. It is notable for occupying the same orbital path as Raljikka, though the two have the same orbital period and are distant enough from one another that their gravitational pull on one another is comparatively small. In centuries past, Sigzlor was the home to the Nazdrovie Pact, a short-lived alliance between it, Beyne, and the Raljikkan nation of Dralvarus during the Third Galactic War.


Of all of Ealdremen's habitable planets, Sigzlor has the most ocean and the least landmass. It has been this way since recorded history, though the Godbomb certainly reduced its coasts to a fraction of their former size. While there are islands throughout Sigzlor, almost all of them are associated with a mainland nation and are not autonomously ruled.


Sigzlor has five moons, the most of any known habitable planet in Ealdremen. These moons are named Draselmvyet, Galvyet, Selvyet, Lestros, and Vlathgrad.

Governing Forces[]

Historically, Sigzlor was home to the Nazdrovie Pact, and though the Pact has not existed for centuries, the cultural factors that led to its creation still do. Sigzlorians trend towards skepticism and mistrust of large government organizations, only barely tolerating the presence of Gerualdi Union, Veriol Alliance, and Alamo Empire outposts, though the latter two are especially persecuted in most Sigzlorian territories. Sigzlor's nations are mostly autonomous but with fierce national pride; citizenship for immigrants in a Sigzlorian nation is sometimes difficult or outright impossible without renouncing one's former nationality.