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Pronunciation: so-LAY-she-um
Adjectival: Solatian
Semi-Major Axis: 164600000 km
Orbital Period 365 days (288 Solatian days)
Synodic Period: 30 hours
Equatorial Radius: 6578 km
Planet Type: Habitable terrestrial

 Solatium is a habitable planet in the Vistelo system. Its climate is the most average, with cold poles and warm equator. As such, it plays host to a variety of life in a variety of biomes, though those from Fervidus and Bruma may not always find its climate welcoming. In its vast ocean is a large chasm home to an unimaginable world of life in and of itself.

Native Races[]



Kriegstox is the largest political power on Solatium. A primarily human-inhabited nation, Kriegstox is economically driven by the manufactories that dot its landscape, its air thick with their smoke. Kriegstox has a large military presence, keeping a well-armed militia even in times of peace.