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Pronunciation: Tore-uh
Adjectival: Tauran
Semi-Major Axis: 1,242,500 km
Orbital Period 8.30 days

7.66 Tauran days

Synodic Period: 26 hours
Equatorial Radius: 2,718.4 km
Planet Type: Habitable Moon

Taura is a habitable moon that orbits Osparia, in the Primarian system. It is the largest of Osparia's moons.

Atmosphere and Climate[]

Taura's atmosphere, though composed largely of transparent gases, is thick which keeps it warm despite Osparia's distance from the sun. It gives the moon's sky a slight violet tint, through which stars, nearby moons, and Osparia itself can easily be seen. To those native to the terrestrial planets of the galaxy, this causes Taura to seem as though in an eternal state of twilight. The most light that the Tauran sky sees occurs when a meteor burns up while entering the atmosphere, lighting the sky intensely bright, but only for only a few moments.

The entire moon's climate maintains a temperate, but warm temperature. The tides of Taura's oceans are typically quite consistent, and are usually mild. The weather is typically mild, with only slight winds making regular appearances on Taura. However, whenever a meteor enters the atmosphere, it can stir up the moon's currents and create wild storms. When meteors large enough to not burn up in the planets atmosphere land on Taura, the impact often causes a sonic boom that can echo for hundreds of miles.

Indigenous Species[]

Numerous flora and fauna are native to Taura. The vast majority of the moon's biodiversity comes from bacteria, Due largely to Osparia being distant from The Primarius' sun, most plants and animals native to Taura are diminutive compared to those native to Minenel or Sarno.

Virtually all Tauran plants do not grow taller than one and a half meters. Most plants native to Taura are mosses, ferns, spores, or fungi. There are a few Tauran chemiluminescent and chronoluminescent plants and flowers that are often sold as souvenirs to tourists. Additionally, there are a number of plants that release chrono or various spell effects as an environmental response, making exploration of Taura a risky experience. Many travelers who wander the Tauran wilds return with reports of hallucinations, bouts of narcolepsy, and all manner of other ailments.

Taura has a great deal of insects, the most notable of which is the Tauran Firefly, which glows a yellow-green color. The sight of the Tauran Firefly is famed throughout Enn Elenen for being enchantingly beautiful. Most Tauran land-bound animal species are small mammals. Rodents, small marsupials, and small carnivores, are all present on Taura. By far the great majority of animals on Taura are herbivores, though there are a few documented predatory foxes and felines that hunt smaller mammals.

Taura's oceans are significantly more diverse than its land, hosting hundreds of species of all manner of marine life, from plankton to jellyfish to even larger fish, like the Tauran Barracuda. Despite their discoveries, leading scientists believe they have barely scratched the surface in their attempts to document the biodiversity of Taura's oceans.