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The Baleful Cry
Pronunciation: Bale-full Cry
Domain: Wind/Loss/Death/Fear/Knowledge/Memory
Gender: None

 While The Baleful Cry's divinity is a hotly debated subject among Fexalere's theologists, few can deny the evidence that it is something more than just a rumor of a noise. Said only to be heard by those who have experience great and tragic loss, accounts of power gained from the Baleful Cry tend to share similar characteristics: A keening cry that seems to have no source, yet still somehow drawing those who hear it to a spot of personal significance. Those who follow the urge claim to have been nearly overwhelmed by sound and sorrow, no matter the noise present in their actual surroundings.

Those who follow the Baleful Cry or have been touched by its power are Godmarked by a second, nearly imperceptible voice whispering under their normal one. This second voice, when heard, says the same words as the bearer's original voice, but with an air of absolute melancholy.

Those Godmarked by the Baleful Cry gain a +1 bonus to Diplomacy and Bluff checks pertaining to loss and tragedy. Deaf or mute characters may not be Godmarked by the Baleful Cry. The Baleful Cry's Godmark has no effect if the bearer is temporarily rendered unintelligible or otherwise unable to verbally communicate.

Oracles marked by the Baleful Cry are more likely to suffer from the Forsaken curse.