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The Piercing Shade
Pronunciation: Peer-sing Shade
Domain: Sun/Light/Charm/Void/Stars/Illusion
Gender: None

 An indescribable color, The Piercing Shade is an enigmatic "god," defying all attempts to examine or explain it. Though its presence is well documented, due to endless accounts of "A color unknowable" across multiple planets and centuries, its existence is one of the very few things actually known about it. In a cruel twist, this is due to the power of the Shade itself; Those who see the true color of the Piercing shade find themselves unable to describe it. The words will not come, or will die in their throat, coming out instead as strings of gibberish and nonsense. Attempts to write down the nature of the Shade will smudge and smear, or delete themselves from their drives. Those who persist in attempting to describe the Shade may find themselves robbed of more and more by its pwoer, until it sees fit to render them unable to communicate at all as punishment. Oddly, the Marore and Vuoder show significantly higher rates of being Godmarked by the Shade than other races.

The Piercing Shade's Godmark appears as the Piercing Shade's color manifesting in one of the Godmarked's eyes. Some see it as the Piercing Shade's true color, while others see it simply as a different color from the Godmarked's true eye color.

Those Godmarked by the Piercing Shade gain a +2 bonus to Appraise art in full color and a +1 bonus to Spot checks while the Shade is visible. The Prepared and eyeless or blind characters cannot be Godmarked by the Piercing Shade. The Piercing Shade's Godmark has no effect if the bearer is temporarily rendered blind or unable to differentiate colors.

The Piercing Shade's Oracles are the most common bearers of the Deaf curse.