Chrono Stars Wiki
Pronunciation: Ven-AHR
Adjectival: Venari
Semi-Major Axis: 4500000000 km
Orbital Period 215 years
Synodic Period: n/a, only major satellite of Ven Sol
Equatorial Radius: 2251 km
Planet Type: Venari Choir world, inhospitable

Venar is the far-flung homeworld of the Venari, a cold, inhospitable world far too distant from its sun Ven Sol to support organic life. Left untouched for millions of years both before and after the arrival of Maius in the Greatcloud Galaxy, its crystal denizens have grown to cover the entire surface of the once-rocky planet, creating the Grand Choir.

It is the only satellite of its sun, and powerful Venari spells keep it shrouded from both sight and technological sensors -- its existence was only uncovered after Greatcloud human astronomers observed the apparent gravitational anomaly around it, dragging on minor comets and asteroids.