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The Vistelo Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy home to at least one system that supports intelligent life. This system, along with the star at its center, are also known as Vistelo, translating to "Star of Life".

Vistelo System[]

The Vistelo System is home to three life-supporting planets. The star at its center, confusingly, is also known as Vistelo.

  • Peritus is a rocky planet within the habitable ring. Even for its position, its climate is unusually hostile. Little is known of its surface due to its smothering red atmosphere, but attempts to probe its surface resulted in the infamous "Stay Away" signal.
  • Fervidus is closest habitable planet to Vistelo. It's warm and humid almost globally, and rainforests and deserts make up most of its landmass.
  • Solatium is between Fervidus and Bruma, and approximately the same distance from Vistelo as Earth is from the Sun. Its climates are distributed much the same, though it has a large ocean with a sizable chasm in its center, which hosts strange life.
  • Bruma is the furthest habitable planet from Vistelo. Its ice caps take up most of the upper and lower parts of the planets, and even near the equator temperatures are rarely higher than room temperature.